Catalog_No Library Name
HY-L001 Bioactive_Compound_Library
HY-L003 Apoptosis_Compound_Library
HY-L002 Anti-infection_Compound_Library
HY-L005 Epigenetics_Compound_Library
HY-L009 Kinase Inhibitor Library
HY-L017 Stem_Cell_Signaling_Compound_Library
HY-L020 Wnt/Hedgehog/Notch_Compound_Library
HY-L022M FDA Approved Drug Library Mini
HY-L022 FDA Approved Drug Library
HY-L067 Antibiotics Library
HY-L035 Drug Repurposing Compound Library
HY-L021 Natural_Product_Library
HY-L071 Alkaloids Library
HY-L037 Antioxidants Compound Library
HY-L086 "Neurodegenerative Disease-related Compound Library"
HY-L068 Flavonoids Library
HY-L115 Animal Disease Model Inducer Library
HY-L066 FDA Approved Pharmacopeial Drug Library
HY-L021L Natural Product-like Compound Library
HY-L115 Microbial Metabolite Library
HY-L115 Plant Sourced Natural Product Library
HY-L081 Phosphatase Inhibitor Library
HY-L111 Novel Bioactive Compound Library

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