Aneufast QF-PCR

The Aneufast™ QF-PCR Kit is a molecular diagnostic assay designed for rapid detection of chromosomes 13, 18, 21, X and Y aneuploidies by Quantitative Fluorescent PCR (QF-PCR) with 100% sensitivity and specificity for non-mosaic trisomies.

The kit contains a total of 36 markers in six multiplex reactions that amplify selected Short Tandem Repeats (STRs) and the gender determining sequences Amelogenin-SRY. Two multiplex QF-PCR amplifications of 21 markers (S1 and S2) are designed to be analysed in a single electrophoresis to increase sample throughput.

Sample Types: Amniotic Fluids, Chorionic Villus, Fetal blood, Neonatal & Adult blood/tissues.

  1. Sample to result in less than 3 hours.
  2. Twenty one (21) highly informative genetic markers amplified in two mixes in order to reduce the risk of sample mishandling.
  3. Extra Markers on Chromosomes 13, 18, 21, X and Y included 
in the box.
  4. Five Dye-Labeling allows simultaneous analysis of several loci.
  5. Only product on the market with 4 pseudoautosomal markers for XY aneuploidy and mosaic cases.
  6. Accurate and reproducible results are obtained at input DNA amounts of 1 to 10 ng.
  7. Optimized to work on all Applied Biosystems genetic analyzers
  8. Manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 and 13845:2003
Rapid Workflow
S1 S2 MXY M21 M18 M13
AMXY SRY SRY D21S1411 D18S386 D13S631
DXYS267 X22 AMXY D21S1435 D18S391 D13S634
D21S1414 DXYS218 HPRT D21S1437* D18S858* D13S742*
D21S1446 HPRT TAF9L* D21S1412* D18S499* D13S628*
D21S1442 D21S1411 DXYS156* D21S1809* D18S1002*  
D18S535 D21S1435 DXS6803*      
D18S391 D13S634 DXS6809*      
D18S976 D13S258 DXS8377*      
D13S797 D18S386 DXS981*      
D13S631 D18S390 DXS1187*      

The two Multiplexes QF-PCR Sets S1 and S2 allow simultaneous analysis of five STRs on each of the autosomes 21, 18 and 13 in addition to three pseudoautosomal (DXYS267, X22 and DXYS218) and one X-linked STRs. Two non-polymorphic sequences, Amelogenin (AMXY) and SRY, are independently amplified for sexing.

Chromosome-specific back-up marker sets are also available. MXY contains seven STRs and two sexing markers on the sex chromosomes. In addition, the paralogous sequence TAF9L on chromosome 3 and X allow accurate assessment of chromosome X dosage in all cases independently from frequency calculation (see further below). M21, M13 and M18 contain five STRs on each of chromosomes 21 and 18, and four markers on chromosome 13. The back-up sets may be used either independently or in cases where all the S1 and S2 markers on any one of these chromosomes have been found to be uninformative (homozygous).

Extra markers not included in S1 and S2 are labelled*. Note that in each chromosome-specific set two markers amplified in S1 and S2 are repeated. This provides an opportunity to confirm sample identity. Any discrepant results with respect to these markers, shared in common between the S1/S2 and the chromosome-specific back-up marker sets, should be a matter of concern. The chromosome-specific back-up sets may also be used to confirm any abnormal results.

Detection of Normal Chromosome complement

  1. Normal XX female sex chromosome constitution
  2. Normal XY male sex chromosome constitution

Detection of Autosomal Trisomies and Triploidy

  1. Detection of Trisomy 21
  2. Detection of Trisomy 18
  3. Detection of Trisomy 13
  4. Detection of Triploidy (69,XXX or 69,XXY)

Aneufast™ Chromosome - Specific back-up marker sets

  1. Specific Back-up marker set M21, M18 & M13 for detection of Trisomy 21, 18, & 13 resp.

Detection of Sex Chromosome Aneuploidies

  1. Detection of X monosomy
  2. Detection of the XXY sex chromosome constitution
  3. Detection of Trisomy X
  4. Detection of the XYY sex chromosome constitution

Aneufast™ MXY Chromosome-Specific back-up marker set

Detection of X chromosome aneuploidies by QF-PCR analysis of TAF9L

  1. Detection of the 45,X: Turner Syndrome
  2. Detection of the XXY : Klinefelter Syndrome
  3. Detection of the XXX sex chromosome constitution

Ordering Information
Catalog No. Pack Size
mlg.anf.25 25 tests
mlg.anf.50 50 tests
mlg.anf.100 100 tests

QF-PCR for Male Infertility Diagnostics

Detection System


It Consists of 14 primer pairs that are homologous to previously identified & mapped sequence-tagged sites (STSs).Out of 14, 8 markers (Sy84, Sy86, Sy127, Sy134, Sy254, Sy255, SRY and ZFY) are determined by European Molecular Genetics Quality Network guidelines and the remaining 6 are markers for all regions.Five-dye fluorescent system for automated DNA fragment analysis for multiplex amplification & electrophoresis.

  1. Relative quantification between Chr.X&Chr.Y
  2. Precise & quick detection for all STSs in the same plot screen.
  3. Coverage of the maximum number of possible Y chromosome microdeletion
  4. SRY is a control marker for the testis determining factor on the short arm of the chromosome and allows XX males arising from Y to X translocations to be detected.
  5. Extensively tested for reproducibility and robustness, and quality controlled to ensure optimum performance.
STS included in the Y Chromosome Microdeletion Detection System
Marker Region BP Dye
SRY(Y14) Control 464 VIC
ZFY Control 491 VIC
Sy255 AZFc 123 VIC
Sy134 AZFb 303 VIC
AZFa AZFa(Prox2) 217 6-FAM
Sy133 AZFb 176 6-FAM
Sy152 AZFd 124 PET
Sy153 AZFd 136 6-FAM
Sy157 AZFc 291 PET
Sy84 AZFa 330 PET
Sy86 AZFa 317 NED
Sy127 AZFb 271 NED
Sy254 AZFc 382 PET

Ordering Information
Catalog No. Pack Size
206025 25 tests
206050 50 tests
206100 100 tests

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