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Life Technologies® is your trusted partner in advanced Life Science Research, providing comprehensive offerings to a wide range of sectors such as Biopharma, Clinical Research, Biotechnology, and more. Our offerings include over 170 compound screening libraries including 30,000+ bioactive compounds with defined annotations to support your early drug discovery research, along with 18,000+ diverse fragment compounds and customized libraries. 

We also provide a plethora of superior quality active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), antagonists, inhibitors, agonists, SMEs, and rarest of rare compounds, promising limitless possibilities for your research. 

Each of our 16 million+ compounds is accompanied by validated bioactivity data and detailed physicochemical properties, ensuring quality and reliability. These meticulously curated libraries facilitate breakthrough drug discovery research, amplifying your research capabilities through High Throughput Screening (HTS), high-content screening (HCS), and virtual screening (VS). With Life Technologies, you can unlock new realms of scientific exploration and push the boundaries of your research!


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