Metabolic Disorders

Cardiovascular Disease

When biochemicals in the body go astray, they can lead to diseases that affect the body's metabolism and show up as a variety of symptoms, which is how metabolic disorders are brought about. The control of a number of complicated physiological activities is frequently hampered by endocrine abnormalities and metabolic diseases. Genetic factors can also play a role in metabolic diseases. Enzymes, oxidative stress, liver biomarkers, kidney biomarkers, amino acids and proteins, glycolysis and carbohydrates, inorganic ions, lipids metabolism, plant stress resistance, tricarboxylic aci(TCA) cycle, etc. are just a few of the indicators and applications available through Life Technologies metabolism assay services. Life Technologies makes it possible to analyze substances and agents to evaluate numerous hypotheses.

Targeted Diseases: Diabetes and its consequences, including kidney disease, NASH, obesity, hypertension, thyroid dysfunction, lipid & cholesterol problems, bone disease, and other metabolic illnesses.


Discovery Services:
  • Cell proliferation studies
  • Glucose uptake assay
  • Alpha-amylase inhibition assay
  • Alpha-glucosidase inhibition assay
  • Insulin receptor binding studies
  • IGF-R1 receptor binding studies
  • Skeletal muscle regeneration assays using stem cells models
  • Assays monitoring the protection of human podocytes or freshly isolated glomeruli
  • Assays measuring anti-fibrotic effects across different primary cell types
  • A comprehensive set of primary islet cell assays covering all relevant aspects of pancreatic beta-cell turnover and function
  • Protection/reversal of metabolic stress-induced beta-cell de-differentiation
  • Cell-specific primary rat and human beta cell replication (plated or intact islets)
  • Cell-specific quantification of beta-cell apoptosis in plated islets
  • Insulin secretion studies with rat and human islets
Available Models:
  • 2D and 3D models of Human/Rat/Mouse cell lines: PANC1, RIN, MIN, SAOS2, HepG2.
  • Stem cell models by using MSCs, and iPSCs
  • Primary hepatocytes

Techniques Used: Flow Cytometry, Confocal/Fluorescence Microscopy (Multi-colour Immunofluorescence), ELISA (Fluorimetry/Colorimetry), RTqPCR, WB.

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