Cosmetic Industry

Cardiovascular Disease

Our dedication to the cosmetic industry is evident through our provision of in vitro cell culture model-based services for toxicology. We prioritize safety assessment and strictly adhere to the guidelines set by the OECD to produce comprehensive safety reports.

Life Technologies Offers

We are highly sought-after for product and substance screenings, thanks to our advanced in vitro tests and assays. Our methods are extensively validated and undergo rigorous peer review to ensure accurate conclusions regarding chemical safety.

Services Offered
  • Verify cell lines against the database to identify the non-listed ones
  • Perform STR profile testing
  • Compare STR profile with donor or database
  • Determine the percentage that matches the given sample

Skin studies

  • Photo aging, oxidant-induced damage
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Wrinkle formation
  • Skin sagging
  • Loss of color
  • Surface roughness
  • Dry skin
  • Skin sensitization
  • Skin glow
Services Offered: -
  1. human skin biopsies (Treated vs Untreated)
  • Metagenomics by Next generation Sequencing (NGS)
  • Serum lipidsincluding triglycerides
  • Vitamins – LC-MSMS
  • Calcium
  • Blood urea nitrogen
  • Creatinine, Elastin and Collagen levels by Q-PCR
  1. In vitro Model for Skin Penetration Study
  • In vitro Skin Penetration Study by using EpiDerm SystemTM
  • In vitro Skin Penetration Study by using Strat-M Transdermal Diffusion Membrane System
  • In vitro Skin Penetration Study by using Keratinocytes cell line based assays
  1. In vitro Skin Model to test Skin Health: - In vitro skin models can be used for the following types of Skin Damages
  • Matek/ EpiDerm or other 3D culture systems - EpiDerm is a proven in vitro model system for chemical, pharmaceutical and skin care product testing.
  • Cultured at the air-liquid interface (ALI), EpiDerm allows for the evaluation of topically applied compounds, chemicals, cosmetic/personal care product ingredients and final formulations
In vitro tests can be done for studying: -
  • Drug metabolism
  • Photo aging, oxidant-induced damage
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Wrinkle formation
  • Skin sagging
  • Loss of color
  • Surface roughness
  • Dry skin
  • Inflammatory skin lesions
In vitro tests on 3D skin culture Parameters: -
  • Vitamin C - RT PCR, ELISA
  • Vitamin E - RT PCR, ELISA
  • Glutathione
  • Keratin protein
  • Vitamin C transport proteins The Sodium-Dependent Vitamin C Transporters (SVCT1 and SVCT2) - RT PCR
  • Collagen and elastin synthesis
  • Barrier Lipids/Hydration - LC/MS
  • Apoptosis – DNA fragmentation assay / Comet assay

Upregulation of type І procollagen production by active compounds

Modulation of UVB-induced MMPs by the active compounds

Skin elasticity, hydration molecular markers

Hair Studies

Service offered for Hair: -
  1. Follicular general health study in Human hair by Anagen Vs Catagen molecular markers quantitative expression (in vivo)

  2. Hair pull Test/ punch biopsy
    • 0-5 anagen / telogen hairs extract.
    Biopsy of scalp
    • Scalp biopsies can be used to confirm a diagnosis of Alopecia
    • 4-mm punch biopsy tool to obtain the tissue sample, 2-4 terminal hairs and 1 or 2 vellus hairs
    In the hair follicles expression of below factors will be assesd via ELISA/ qRT PCR etc
    • Vitamin E and Growth factors
    • Keratin protein
    • Immunosuppressants TGF-β1
    • ATP level
    • Beta-1 integrin and p63 (identified as potential markers for hair follicle stem cells)
    • Lhx2 gene
    • IL-6, IL-10
  3. Hair follicular Bulge stem cell stimulation/activation study by quantified expression of markers (in vitro)
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