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ATZ Touch Technology

ATZ Touch is a revolutionary technology that is radically changing the concept of an anti-microbial science in all laboratory applications. ATZ Touch effectively kills a broad spectrum of microorganisms namely viruses, mold, mildew, Algae, fungi, yeasts, gram (+) and (-) bacteria including MRSA or HAI bugs. Importantly ATZ Touchpermanently bonds molecularly to most surfaces to form an active carpet of antimicrobial molecular spikes which simply electrocute the microorganisms for extended periods of time and exhibit long term effects and is therefore very safe for laboratory applications. ATZ Touch delivers the microbial efficacy and cleaning performance that is critical for keeping the environment clean, fresh, and free of contamination therefore completely biosafe for laboratory workers.

ATZ touch is uniformly dispersible on almost any surface, and simple and economical to use because of their extended shelf-life (month or more). These Unique characteristics make ATZ Touch and its products family ideal for use in a wide range of laboratories (including bio-safety level 1, 2, 3, and 4) and for laboratories in Industrial, Institutional, Health Care and Food Applications.

  1. Anchoring Component (Silane) - The first component of the long chain aliphatic molecule is the Silane base, which enables the antimicrobial to anchor securely onto the substrate. A covalent bond is formed slowly through hydrolysis reactions, providing long-lasting and sometimes permanent, antimicrobial protection against a broad spectrum of single cell microorganisms.
  2. Electrocuting Component (+ charged Nitrogen) - The second component of the long chain molecule is a bolt of electricity that finishes off any speared bug that survives the sword. A positively charged atom of nitrogen writes the bug's epitaph. The negatively charged membranes of microbes will be magnetically drawn to their demise. This mechanical kill negates the need for toxic chemicals.
  3. Piercing Component (Long Carbon Chain) - The third component of the long chain molecule is the blade that initially comes into contact with the offending microbes. This acts like a sword that punctures the cell membranes of all microbes coming in contact with it. The long carbon chain of the molecule acts as a sword, and punctures the cell membrane of the microbe that comes in contact with the treated surface.

  1. Effective against a wide variety of pathogens including bacteria, mold, fungi, and viruses.
  2. Remains active with a 99% microbial kill rate for 30+ days.
  3. Water based product. No VOCs. Use as received. No mixing or blending is required.
  4. Once dry, ATZ Touch does not leach, dissolve or migrate onto contacting surfaces, building structure or environment.
  5. One-step application process. No additional coatings or chemicals are required following application.
  6. Treated materials will not harm the laboratory personnels.
  7. Invisible coating. Application will not change the appearance of the materials to which it is applied.
  8. Easy, cost-effective application. Simply spray, paint or dip and allow to dry.
  9. Odourless. Forms a high molecular weight, non-volatile coating after application.
  10. No pathogen mutagenicity or increasing pathogen resistance on exposure to the treated material.
  11. Produces no chemical vapours for laboratory sanitization.
  12. Provides a sterile environment for conducting the bio-analytical study of the samples without the concern of contamination.

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