Cardiovascular Disease

The process of finding new drugs and developing them is a protracted one that can be expensive and have high attrition rates. Clinical trials for many medication candidates will end in failure, costing millions of dollars and years of labor. Life Technologies is a key player for businesses in the early phases of drug research and even into the preclinical stage thanks to its competence in cell culture models. We have many advantages with our in vitro cell culture models and tests that are helpful for drug discovery. These assays can save time and money by needing fewer animal investigations prior beginning human clinical trials. They are also less expensive than conducting animal research. These cell culture tests can be divided into two categories: 2D models and 3D models. Depending on the type of review or analysis that needs to be done, each model has pros and cons. Life Technologies offers an integrated method for successful research and development in oncology, and we assist you from the preliminary study through every stage.

Available Discovery Assays:

Cytotoxicity & Proliferation Assays
  • SRB assay
  • ATP assay
  • LDH assay
  • Cell cycle
  • MTT assay
  • Ki67 assay,
  • Clonogenic assay
Apoptosis and DNA Damage Studies
  • Annexin V/PI assay
  • Ao/EtBr assay
  • p53 assay
  • Caspases assay
  • 21 assay
  • Comet assay
  • MMP - JC1 assay
  • Cyt-C assay
  • Cell cycle arrest
  • NO analysis
  • TUNEL assay
  • ROS analysis
Angiogenesis and Metastasis Assays
  • Cell migration assays
  • Scratch assay
  • Tube formation assay
  • Angiogenesis signalling pathways (HIF1α, TGF-b, VEGF, SMAD, p38, Pi3)
Cancer Signalling Pathway Marker Studies
  • C-Jun test
  • cAMP assay
  • HIF-1 alpha assay
  • STAT 1,2,3, & 6 assay
  • Phospho-mTOR assay
  • Phosphor-Akt (p-Akt) assay
  • P53 expression
  • Phosphor-ERK assay
  • Ca+2 assay
  • NF-kappa B/p65
  • Phosphor-CREB assay
  • EGFR assay
  • Akt assay
  • P38 activity assay
Available Models:
  • Monolayer and 3D cultures using tumor cell lines and primary tumor cells
  • Co-Culture with endothelial cells
  • Tri-Culture with stromal and endothelial cells
  • Tri-Culture with stromal, endothelial, and immune cells
  • Hypoxic models
  • 3D Organoids of single and co-cultured cells

Techniques Used: Flow Cytometry, Confocal/Fluorescence Microscopy (Multi-colour Immunofluorescence), ELISA (Fluorimetry/Colorimetry), RTqPCR, WB.

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