Parentage Testing

We have the following Animal Genotyping Kits available with us:

The Genometry Equine Genotyping Kit® has been developed for accurate parentage verification, with the genotyping of fluorescently-labeled STRs via microsatellite analysis.


  1. Analysis of the 9 STRs recommended by the ISAG, plus 8 additional loci commonly used for horse parentage testing and identification.
  2. Easy to use, working with various samples including non-invasive hair samples.
  3. Gives reproducible, precise results in approximately 5 hours.
  4. Five Dye-Labelling allows simultaneous analysis of several loci.
  5. Free results evaluation software tools for simple and automated analysis.
  6. Gives results with accuracy as high as 99.75% and low incidence of stutter peaks, leaving no room for error.
  7. Optimized to work on all Applied BiosystemsTM sequencing systems.
Order Information
GEP.301.100 100 tests
GEP.301.50 50 tests
GEP.301.25 25 tests

  1. The kit provides the analysis of 16STRs selected from International Society of Animal Genetics (ISAG) and Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) recommendations.
  2. This Kit allows the user to test a sample in 4 different reaction tubes for all 16STRs inmultiplexes.
  3. After the amplification step, the mixes are incubated and loaded on capillariesseparately for microsatellite analysis.
  4. The kit is compatible with all ABI genetic analyzers and user friendly.
  5. The peaks observed in microsatellite analysis have distinct characteristics andlow stutter, preventing the results to be misinterpreted.
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