Terms and Conditions of Sale

Life Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd. (LTI) subject to terms and conditions, stated hereinafter, accepts orders from the buyers.

  1. LTI shall deliver technically & commercially clear orders within 4-6 weeks of their receipt, unless the product(s) are on back-order (BO) or discontinued (DISC). Products / Services may get deleted between Buyer receiving the Proforma & placing the order which may or may not be served with alternatives (ALT). Suitability of such ALT should be checked by Buyer before ordering.

  2. With the exception of items that are under BO / DISC status, Part shipments are avoided unless Buyer wishes to have available stocks in a part.

  3. Payment terms: Advance (unless, otherwise stated in the Proforma). Freight, Handling and Insurance shall apply separately. Any supplies made on sight draft that remain outstanding for more than 30 days shall attract interest @2% per month from the date of invoice upto the date of payment. The Buyer on the pretext of Part shipment made on a/c of BO/DISC should not hold the Payment. Payment should be made for each such Part shipment in Full.

  4. LTI does not indemnify the Buyer for any loss, injury, or damage of any kind, direct or indirect, howsoever caused. The maximum liability of LTI is not greater than the Product value supplied. Buyer has to provide all necessary details to satisfy LTI to receive any replacements. Any Buyer claims should be reported within 24 hours from the receipt of the stocks, or else such claims shall not be entertained.

  5. LTI shall have lien on the products for the unpaid amount. LTI authorized representative shall be entitled to do such things as may be necessary to repossess the Products, for such unpaid products.

  6. Any variance in the Purchase Order from the LTl Proforma with regard to quoted products quantities, prices, terms or conditions than those given in LTl Proforma.at the time of placing the order by the Buyer shall not be a binding on LTI unless any deviations are agreed by LTI inwriting.

  7. The Products or Services are for laboratory research use only and are not intended for human or animal diagnostic therapeutic or other clinical uses unless otherwise stated.

  8. Buyer shall pay for all Taxes / Octroi / Levies etc. as applicable. Documents pertaining to any Tax concession/way bills etc should accompany the order or such concessions would be debited to the Buyer.

  9. Goods once sold shall not be taken back by LTI.

  10. Despite our best efforts there can be some typo errors in this price list. Please do check before placing the order.

  11. Product / freight charges shall vary between different locations. Hence please check it before ordering.

  12. GST/DSIR/CDEC exemption certificate must accompany the order in applicable cases.

  13. Any changes in the GST, Taxes, Levies or Tariffs will be applicable as and when such changes occur. This includes any changes whatsoever, despite having received the purchase order from the customer. Such instant changes shall be towards buyer’s account.

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