Transfection Tools

Life Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. offers transfection reagent for DNA as well as RNAi:

  1. LifeTechDNA transfection reagent can be used for transfecting DNA, shRNA and siRNA
  2. No media changes are required as LifeTech DNA transfection reagent works in the presence of antibiotics and serum.
  3. The easy-to-use protocol with rapid, one-step incubation for 15 minutes before adding directly to target cells makes LifeTech DNA transfection reagent well-suited for high-throughput transfection experiments.
  4. High transfection efficiency and no cell toxicity.​

  1. LifeTechRNAi transfection reagent is able to be used in vivo and in vitro for nucleic acid including DNA, RNA, antisense oligo and siRNA, and also can be used in co-transfection for DNA/siRNA.
  2. LifeTechRNAi transfection reagent has broad spectrum for most commonly used established cell lines and it is an ideal solution for high-performance with maximum compatibility.
  3. Transfection of primary culture and transformation of cellstrain gene.
  4. In vivo delivery of siRNAoligos (siRNA, DNA and RNA)
  5. Tansfection of adherent cell and suspension cells.
  6. Not necessary to change culture media.
  7. High transfection efficiency can be obtained even inculture media containing serum.
  8. No cell toxicity.
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