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Product Name
CAS Product Line Target Path Area Citation
HY-112251 D-Lin-MC3-DMA 1224606-06-7 Oligonucleotides Liposome Metabolic Enzyme/Protease Cancer [A1]

[A1]. Kulkarni JA, et al. Design of lipid nanoparticles for in vitro and in vivo delivery of plasmid DNA. Nanomedicine. 2017 May;13(4):1377-1387.
[A2]. Ferraresso F, Strilchuk AW, Juang LJ, Poole LG, Luyendyk JP, Kastrup CJ. Comparison of DLin-MC3-DMA and ALC-0315 for siRNA Delivery to Hepatocytes and Hepatic Stellate Cells. Mol Pharm. 2022;19(7):2175-2182.

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