Cord Blood

Cat No. Product Description Storage Temperature (°C)
HIV, HCV, HBV testing
CTITEST.1 HIV, HCV, HBV testing for donors of human blood samples Use Fresh
Human Cord Blood
CTIUCB.1.1 Human Whole Cord Blood, Collect/Ship same day, volume varies on donors. >30mL of umbilical cord blood. Use Fresh
CTIUCB.1.7 Human Whole Cord Blood on K2EDTA anticoagulant, vial, Fresh Use Fresh
CTIUCB.1.8 Human Whole Cord Blood on K2EDTA anticoagulant, vial, Frozen -20/-80°C
Human Cord Blood Derivatives (provided fresh or frozen)
CTIUCB.1.2 Human Cord Blood Serum -20/-80°C
CTIUCB.1.3 Human Cord Blood Serum, Pooled Donors -20/-80°C
CTIUCB.1.5 Human Cord Blood Plasma -20/-80°C
CTIUCB.1.6 Human Cord Blood Plasma, Pooled Donors -20/-80°C
Human Cord Blood Cells
CTICC.IMUCB.1 Human Cord Blood PBMC, Cryopreserved -175°C or lower
CTICC.IMUCB.2 Human Cord Blood CD34+ Stem/Progenitor Cells, Cryopreserved -175°C or lower
CTICC.IMUCB.3 Human Cord Blood CD133+ Stem/Progenitor Cells, Cryopreserved -175°C or lower
CTICC.IMUCB.4 Adult Human Cord Blood B-Cells, CD19+, Cryopreserved -175°C or lower
CTICC.IMUCB.5 Adult Human Cord Blood T-Helper Cells, CD4+, Cryopreserved -175°C or lower
CTICC.IMUCB.6 Adult Human Cord Blood Natural Killer Cells (NK), CD56+, Cryopreserved -175°C or lower
CTICC.IMUCB.7 Adult Human Cord Blood T-Cells, CD3+, Cryopreserved -175°C or lower
CTICC.IMUCB.8 Adult Human Cord Blood T-Killer Cells, CD8+, Cryopreserved -175°C or lower
CTICC.IMUCB.9 Adult Human Cord Blood T-Regulatory Cells, CD25+, Cryopreserved -175°C or lower
CTICC.IMUCB.10 Adult Human Cord Blood Monocytes, CD14+, Cryopreserved -175°C or lower
CTICC.IMUCB.11 Adult Human Cord Blood Neutrophils, Cryopreserved -175°C or lower
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