Life Technologies® proudly unveils its prestigious partnership with ChromaDex Inc. USA, a revered trailblazer in delivering state-of-the-art Plant Reference Standards to the R & D industry. This highly sought-after collaboration cements our unwavering commitment to empowering visionary plant scientists with unparalleled top notch phytochemical reference standards . 

Boasting an extensive repertoire of over 3000 dynamic plant constituents, ChromaDex presents an exceptional array of cutting-edge tools, ensuring unrivaled product quality and propelling scientific advancement to the forefront. The main strength of the company is primary reference standards used by several sectors in R&D. From botanical reference materials to curated natural compounds and botanical libraries, our symbiotic alliance with ChromaDex unlocks a wealth of invaluable resources to R & D spanning dynamic domains such as the ever-evolving landscapes of food & beverage, bio-pharma , nutraceuticals, cosmeticeuticals, pharmaceuticals, and Personal Care. 

ChromaDex's avant-garde laboratories proudly bear the prestigious ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditation, and their ISO 17034:2016 accreditation as a reference material producer firmly establishes ChromaDex as a vanguard entity, setting industry benchmarks for unwavering quality and innovation.

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