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Banana growing regions are seriously threatened by BBTV, which is spread by the banana aphid. Infected plants may have "bunched" leaves at the top of the plant and may have trouble putting out new leaves. Symptomatic plants frequently fail to produce fruit and provide as a source of inoculum for aphids, which feast on them and spread the infection. Designed for field-based or laboratory testing of banana crops for the banana bunchy top virus, AmplifyRP® XRT for BBTV is a real-time isothermal amplification and detection technology. Using the battery-powered AmpliFire fluorometer, this test can be carried out almost anywhere.

This serological assay is designed for the detection of Banana bract mosaic virus (BBrMV) in banana leaves and midribs. BBrMV is a member of the Potyvirus genus known for their non-enveloped, flexuous, filamentous virus particles. The most distinctive symptom of this virus is the dark reddish-brown mosaic pattern seen on the flower bracts, it can be difficult to see in non-bunching field plants. Leaf and stem symptoms may be present and the virus has also been detected in symptomless plants. Our serological assay is designed to detect all strains and isolates of BBrMV.

Our ELISA test is a familiar assay among Banana pathogen diagnostic group for the detection of Banana streak OL virus (BSOLV), the causal agent of Banana streak disease, in banana crops. BSOLV is a member of the Badnavirus genus known for their nonenveloped bacilliform virus particles. The primary symptoms of disease are chlorotic streaks on the banana leaves and splitting of their pseudostem. In later stages of the disease, these streaks may become necrotic and the heart of the pseudostem may rot, ultimately leading to death of the plant.

Our AmplifyRP® XRT kit quickly amplifies small amounts of DNA or RNA and provides unparalleled detection capability in a simple testing format. It eliminates time-consuming and expensive nucleic acid extractions while providing similar sensitivity and specificity to existing PCR procedures. For field-based or laboratory testing of Ralstonia solanacearum Race 3, Biovar 2 used by USDA at their facility. This kit detects RsR3B2 in several crops, including banana, aubergine, geranium, ginger, pepper, potato and tomato.


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